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Responsive Design

What exactly is a responsive website? A responsive website's look and feel changes "responsively" to the size of the device that views it (from desktop monitors to mobile phones). Why does this matter?

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Website Strategy

When developing your website strategy, think about the most important aspect of your website—the visitor experience! Putting yourself in the visitor's shoes when designing your website will put you miles ahead of your competition.

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5 Questions to Ask...

Technology changes so rapidly that it’s important to regularly evaluate how your site is performing from a visitor’s perspective, in comparison with competitor sites and with respect to your own needs.

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Latest News

Importance of Joomla Days and WordCamps

Joomla is Open Source software, as you may know, as are WordPress and literally thousands of other CMS platforms. Open source implies that sharing and volunteering are involved. Joomla Days and WordCamps are opportunities for people who have literally only interacted online to get out from behind their desks and meet in person. Meet, share and learn... I think everyone at these events can do all of these on some level.

Remember, you know more than you think and nobody knows everything. Meet someone you don't know and share something they didn't know. These types of events are one of a kind opportunities to meet the people behind the scenes of open source projects. You might even have the opportunity to meet and talk to the developer of your favorite extension—how cool would that be? Have you ever eaten lunch with any of the developers at Microsoft?

Joomla Day Boston is our next event and it's approaching quickly. It begins on the ultimate Geek day, fondly known as Pi Day (3-14-15). You do remember Pi from high school, don't you? 4Web is the Pi Day sponsor for Joomla Day Boston and we are bringing Pi Day t-shirts as giveaways. We have also been giving the event coordinator a hand in keeping up with the social media push. There is a LOT that goes into putting on one of these events. So it's important to give to the greater good of the project, however you can (attending, time, money, support). We hope to see you @JoomlaDayBoston!

Password = 12345 (or: How to Create Secure Passwords)

Passwords are more than just a secure way to enter a website; they are a hacker's key to a person's identity. Many people use a single password for many websites, but with all the password leaks and hacks taking place around the world, if your password is accessed, any of your accounts (email, bank accounts) with the same password will open to the world.

What you really need is a unique, strong password for each and every website you visit. But that many passwords would be impossible to remember. Fortunately, there are other websites that will remember for you. There are several leading password managers, including Lastpass, Dashlane and 1Password. You can also use offline software such as KeePass.

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Wordpress Migration Made Easy with Akeeba Backup

One of the frustrating things about WordPress is that developing in one environment and launching in another is a hassle. There are many reasons why wordpress uses absolute urls in everything it does, and many, many heated discussions about why it shouldn't (or should!) be that way, but all that doesn't make moving the site to a new location very easy. However there is an easy way to back up and restore a WordPress site.

Akeeba Backup for Wordpress is the greatest migration solution currently available for WordPress. Not only is it a fantastic backup tool, with multiple offsite backup capabilities such as Amazon S3 or Dropbox, and allows for the ultimate in automated backups through cron jobs, alternate cron jobs, and other supported methods, but it will also update the URLs in all of the content, custom fields, custom post types, and serialized data (widgets) without corrupting or losing any settings. It's a marvelous advance in site migration.

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Website Ownership Basics

It's extremely important that every business or organization website 'owner' retain ultimate control of their website(s). Sounds obvious enough, right? Then take the following short quiz to test the strength of your control. If your answer to any of the following six questions is "No", then you may have some homework ahead of you.

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