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4Web Inc. creates highly customized websites using Joomla! and WordPress. We use open source software to meet our clients' online business goals and marketing objectives. Experience, honesty and ingenuity are the foundation of our approach for creating engaging, responsive and strategic online business solutions. We take being part of the Web community seriously so we make sure to time to share some our findings here.

Website Re-Design Ally: A Case Study

Howayda Abu Affan

“We were completely lost. 4Web guided us through the process and understood what we needed,” says Howayda Abu Affan, Assistant Director of the Armenian Museum of America in Watertown, Massachusetts. “Working with 4Web put into perspective what was really important for our website.”

The museum’s primary need was for a website that could be updated easily to reflect the current exhibits and provide the interaction that modern visitors expect. Howayda explains, “Our original site was designed in 2008 on a platform that was supposed to be updated and maintained by the designer. Every time we added a photo or a bit of text ourselves, entire pages would shift.”

American Precision Museum is Mobile-Friendly

American Precision Museum Responsive Jomla 3.0 Home Page

We’re very excited to launch American Precision’s new Responsive website. In 2011 they came to us with an outdated Joomla 1.5 site. They were looking for help organizing their site and updating the “look and feel”. At that time we upgraded them to Joomla 1.7 to ensure their site would be ready for Joomla 2.5 upgrade down the road. Just last week we launched their upgraded Joomla 3 website and it’s fully responsive! They’re very happy with the new functionality of their responsive website, and comfortable knowing their site is ready for mobile viewers. After all, 80% of internet users own a smart phone and you can be sure they’re searching websites using their devices.

If your website still needs to be Mobile-Friendly, don’t hesitate to give us a shout, we would be happy to help.

4Web Joins the New England Web and Tech Collaborative


We had just about finished unpacking at our Summer Street office when the phone rang; it was Zach Luse from Paragon Digital. He had just entered into a new partnership with the Hannah Grimes Entrepreneur Center–named the ‘New England Web and Tech Collaborative‘ (NEWT)–and asked if we wanted to be a part of it.

Let’s see: A chance to co-work with the great people at Paragon Digital and other professionals providing services for the Web, and working in a newly-renovated section of the Hannah Grimes building

Heading to WordCamp Boston

Sponsoring WordCamp Boston 2015

We are heading to WordCamp Boston on July 18, 2015 at Boston University and we can’t wait! Meet, share and learn are our goals when attending any event. It’s great to connect with WordPress developers and designers to learn new information or just something we didn’t know. 4Web is also an event sponsor. There is a LOT that goes into putting on one of these events. So it’s important to give to the greater good of all open source projects, however you can (attend, time, money, support). We hope to see you @WordCampBoston!

Managing Microdata in Joomla with JCE


Content is the most important aspect of a website; if you don’t have good content people won’t want to stay. But how do people even find your website? Through search engines, of course, and Microdata (or Structured Data) is one of the new ways that you can help people find your quality content through search engines.

Demystifying WordPress Code with GenerateWP

Demystifying WordPress Code with GenerateWP

What happens when you need something added to WordPress, but your theme doesn’t support it and there aren’t any plugins that really do the job? Then it’s time to dig in and get coding. The documentation in the WordPress Codex is an excellent place to get started, but even once you know what you’re doing, sometimes it just isn’t worth it to code everything completely by hand. That’s where the very useful GenerateWP comes in.

4Web Presenting at NEAUG

4Web Giving Back to the Community

Giving back to your community is an important business philosophy. On Tuesday June 2, 2015 4Web will be participating in the New England Adobe User Group’s Lightning Talks program. Heidi Stanclift will outline how we use BugHerd as part of our test and refine process with any new development. Gwen Ames will talk about how we code templates to meet our responsive design strategy and how it makes our clients’ sites mobile-friendly. Hope to see many local businesses there!

Choosing and Installing WordPress Themes

Designing WordPress Themes - Learn how to make your website look stunning!

WordPress Themes do more than just determine how a website looks; they are also responsible for providing additional display options and functionality, as well as controlling the types of content that are displayed. Using one of the built-in themes (each named for a year, like twenty-fifteen) is a great way to get your WordPress site up and running, but it can leave something to be desired in terms of design. That’s where choosing and installing a new theme becomes important.