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4Web creates highly customized websites using Joomla! and WordPress. We use open source software to meet our clients' online business goals and marketing objectives. Experience, honesty and ingenuity are the foundation of our approach for creating engaging, responsive and strategic online business solutions. We take being part of the Web community seriously so we make sure to take the time to share some our findings here.

4Web Joins the Paragon Digital Marketing Team

We have some exciting news: on February 29th, 4Web joined the Paragon Digital Marketing team! We’ve been working closely with Paragon for quite some time. If you’ve ever inquired about digital marketing services in the past, there’s a good chance you’ve heard us mention their name.

What does this mean for 4Web Clients?

The transition should be pretty seamless for all our current and potential customers. 4Web will still be providing top-notch service paired with technical expertise in WordPress and Joomla. In addition to our web development skills, we’ll also now have better access to the digital marketing capabilities from the folks at Paragon.

What does the future hold?

We are very excited about bringing all our Web knowledge together under the one umbrella of Paragon Digital. Together we can offer complete Web solutions for your business allowing you to focus on your growing business. We are grateful for this opportunity and are looking forward to continuing our relationships as we begin our next chapter.

If you have any specific concerns, feel free to reach out to Heidi directly.