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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Right Now, About Your Website

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Right Now, About Your Website

Technology changes so rapidly that it’s important to regularly evaluate how your site is performing from a visitor’s perspective, in comparison with competitor sites and with respect to your own needs. For your convenience, 4Web has put together a quick list of questions you should be asking right now, so that you and your site can keep up with user expectations.

1. What was the percentage of mobile visits to your site in Q3, Q2 and Q1?

Likely you saw an increase in this traffic metric over time. Market research firm IDC reported last month that mobile web use will likely surpass PC internet access by 2015. If you can’t or don’t know how to answer this question, contact 4Web to inquire about site metrics and mobile options for your site.

Edited 12/2014: Mobile use actually surpassed desktop use at the beginning of 2014, an entire year earlier than predicted!

2. How does your site look on a phone or tablet?

Check your site here to see it on a phone, tablet and laptop. Looking good? Great! That’s very good news. Not so good? Here’s the problem: Mobile users are becoming less and less tolerant of viewing non-responsive websites on mobile devices. And, Google is penalizing websites that do not offer a mobile friendly version—that’s right, it affects your page rank.

Don’t worry, there’s a cost-effective, low-impact solution for that. Owning a responsive website is simple. Fortunately, 4Web is experienced in building responsive websites!

3. Does your website load in 3 seconds or less?

Check your page load times from your computer and from a mobile phone. Phone users are especially apt to leave your website if it’s slow to load. Optimized images and a lean, responsive custom template will help decrease your page load times, no matter what device people will use to view it.

4. Are there ways for your visitors to share your website with their friends via social media?

Inbound links to your website increase your search rankings. One way to increase inbound links is to make sure you’re giving your visitors an opportunity to post your web page(s) to their social media platform. 4Web can help you with your social media.

5. Where do you show up in search engine rankings?

Google yourself—try using the top 5 keywords you think people will use to find the service/product you offer. Try adding your location to the keywords, for example. Tours MA or Tours Boston MA.

How can you improve your ranking? If your site is not already organically search engine optimized, 4WEB has preferred partners that provide organic search engine optimization. Doing so should improve search engine rankings on Google US, Bing US and Yahoo! US in your geographic region and help you maintain a healthier web presence.