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Relieved to have a Knowledgeable Resource : A Case Study

Case Study

miEdge is a rapidly growing, high-tech software company that provides prospecting solutions to insurance and financial professionals. The miEdge website has to serve ever increasing marketing and sales, online subscription and billing requirements. And the old website could not keep up.

Mark Smith, founder and CEO, and Mary Weiss, Chief Marketing Officer, searched for a reliable Joomla! development team who would not only create a new website but also establish a long-term relationship with miEdge. They found 4Web and immediately recognized that this company could fulfill their wish list and more.

The secret to 4Web’s success? “They listened.”

Impressive Results: A 60% Increase in Traffic

Unlike other firms, according to Mary, “4Web found out about our process, customers and real problems before they started telling us what to do. They looked at our website and discovered we were several Joomla! releases behind. They talked to our in-house team and our application developers to make sure they understood our requirements and that we understood what the changes we wanted entailed. Then they gave us a proposal.”

After 4Web revised the miEdge site, traffic surged. In the first month after re-launch, miEdge experienced a 30% increase in website traffic compared to the month before launch and a 60% increase compared to the same time the previous year. Phone traffic increased over 50%, as visitors answered the website’s call to action.

The Starting Point: a Stagnant Website

miEdge logomiEdge provides prospecting solutions for insurance agents, brokers, carriers and related professionals, enabling them to analyze competing health, welfare and retirement products and search for potential clients. miEdge customers subscribe to the databases they want for one or more states or the entire country. The miEdge website fulfills more than a marketing role: it’s the essential connection between miEdge’s cloud-based insurance-industry applications and its subscription and billing systems.

The old miEdge website had several problems:

  • The website wasn’t able to accommodate new applications and an expanding subscription and billing list, inhibiting miEdge’s growth.
  • The dated design and graphical interface failed to provide the first impression and user experience that miEdge wanted. Content was difficult to add, which affected search engine optimization.

miEdge struggled to find the website development and design resources they needed. Mary recalls her frustration with web site developers who “wanted to manage everything and wouldn’t give us any creative input. One of them spent hours arguing over whether our ‘webinars’ should be called ‘online demos,’ completely wasting my time.” When miEdge found 4Web, they were delighted at the contrast. Finally, they had someone to turn to who was positive, professional, knowledgeable and willing to work as a team.

The Solutions: Above and Beyond

Heidi Stanclift, owner of 4Web, recalls, “Before we came along, no one had ever sat down with miEdge and gained a thorough understanding of what was integrated into the website and no one had explained what miEdge application developers would need to do to make sure that integration worked. The company was about to introduce new products and it was clear the website couldn’t handle any more traffic—or encourage the right kind of traffic.”

4Web tackled the challenges with solutions that involved:

  • Working closely with miEdge’s staff, including the application developers
  • Fully customizing a Joomla! Responsive template to meet miEdge’s needs
  • Building in sustainability
  • Optimizing the website for mobile devices
  • Improving the visitor and customer interface
  • Updating the content management system
  • Sharing knowledge and resources.

Working directly with the offshore application development team, 4Web coordinated the technical details to make sure that the integration would work flawlessly, now and in the future. Because miEdge in-house and offshore developers and staff understood applications development, but not website development or Joomla, 4Web also worked with them to develop appropriate testing scenarios for the website.

In the new website, the navigation is clear, the videos and webinars are easy to find and use, visitor registration and customer login are effortless and the call to action is clear, so even existing customers are more likely to return for more services.

Mary WeissNot only is the new website more functional and easier to navigate for miEdge’s customers and staff, but the updates to the information architecture ensures that the content is kept fresh and relevant, improving both the customer experience and search engine optimization. As Mary explains, “4Web made it so much easier for me to update the site with testimonials, videos, webinars, press releases and other content. It was difficult to remember all the different update procedures for the different components in the old website. Now the site is intuitive and easy to use. 4Web has also provided step-by-step videos, which are great reminders and will help me train other staff members on content management.” ”

In addition, Mary was impressed by 4Web’s willingness to “provide quality referrals to other professionals we need and recommend platforms and third-party software so I’m not spending months evaluating different options. 4Web is a well of information.”

Looking Ahead

miEdge has a clear near-term business goal: ten thousand subscribers. That goal requires a scalable system that integrates smoothly with billing, subscription, registration and insurance databases. It requires scaffolding in place for new applications, a blog and other long-term improvements. All of that and more is being provided by 4Web.

“Our customers and staff love the new website,” Mary reports. “Because of 4Web, our launch was easy; and after the launch 4Web has continued to be very responsive.” As miEdge has learned, “4Web is a true partner.”