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WordPress 4.4 Released

WordPress 4.4 was quietly released to the world on December 8th, bringing with it one of the best invisible updates possible for mobile-friendly websites.

Responsive images are now part of WordPress. These images are created automatically with any theme and any plugins, just by upgrading to WordPress 4.4. This feature saves bandwidth and makes sites load faster on any device. Also included with the new version are:

  • A new theme: Twenty Sixteen. Featuring a mobile-first, responsive design, Twenty Sixteen features a flexible, lightweight design that can be customized in many ways and demonstrates the great new features included with WordPress 4.4.
  • Embedded Posts: You can now embed and share posts from your WordPress site on other sites, similar to how YouTube videos can be embedded.
  • The REST API: Just like Joomla, WordPress 4.4 has begun the steps towards integration with a REST API, allowing for more dynamic and innovative websites.

There are many other improvements and tweaks included with this version of WordPress. Need help upgrading your WordPress website? Contact 4Web today.