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A Book & A Hug

This website provides useful category-based listings of children's books. From books for reluctant readers to Chick Lit and Westerns to books for mature readers, this child-can-post-book-reviews website is an ideal resource for kids and their families to embrace the thrill of reading. The site also includes an interactive map that helps children consider books about kids or characters from other countries.

The Problem

A Book and a Hug has terrific content, but unfortunately, the site had been built in an unsustainable manner by a previous developer. This meant that updates to the site were difficult to nearly impossible.

The Solution

4Web was able to untangle the code, converting the site to Joomla 2.5 and making it easy to maintain for the client. The site can be easily updated by the client, including adding new book reviews and new sections to the site. In fact, the site encourages kids to comment! Book reviews can be sliced and diced in dozens of ways – including by association (if you liked that, you'll like this) – allowing visitors to locate the perfect book. The site also features video interviews with children's authors.


4Web makes me feel as though they are working WITH me... and they "own" the problems and challenges my website faces. They rebuilt the site so the software is up to date which makes us a reliable presence on the site. So important as the site is being discovered around the country and around the world. I really appreciate the timely responses. That is a real plus.

Barb Landridge

A Book and a Hug