Joomla Conversion Covers Multitude of Interactive Components

Brew Your Own Magazine

Home Brewers are going to love this remodeled website! With new functionality and content organization, visitors will be able to find everything they are looking for from the latest recipe to back issues from long ago.

The Problem

Brew Your Own Magazine is a magazine for hobbyists who enjoy brewing beer at home. The magazine is released 10 times per year, and the website supports the magazine. Some, but not all, of the magazine articles are available online.

BYO recently asked us to convert their Joomla 1.5 website to Joomla 2.5 in an effort to keep up with software enhancements and offerings. They also wanted to take the conversion opportunity to give the site a design makeover.

Of critical importance, the site employs the use of banner ads for income, as well as offers online subscription services for its newsletter. The site includes online search, polls, e-commerce shopping cart, blogs, photo galleries, and a supplier directory...all of which needed to be converted to sustain its online business model.

The Solution

4Web devised the new site so that it not only continued to support the company's business model but improved upon the user and brand experience. In addition to making the conversion and migrating the site's data, the organizational structure is improved for better usability and the site is very easy to maintain and data mining and e-commerce benefits continue to be enjoyed.