Joomla 3.0 E-commerce Site with Responsive Page Layouts

Cape Cod Fishermen's Alliance

The Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance engages the local fishing community in building lasting solutions to protect their ecosystem and the future of their fishing businesses

The Problem

The Fishermen's Alliance needed a website they could easily maintain in order to support community initiatives via education and outreach. They also needed a site that would help grow and foster membership and sponsorship relations and provide a seamless way for people to make donations and support the Fishermen's Alliance with purchases from their online store.

The Solution

4Web worked with the Fishermen's Alliance and designer, Vervaine Design Studio, to understand client goals and come up with a web strategy and infrastructure to support them. 4Web chose to build the site using Joomla 3.0 in order to take advantage of its latest responsive platform support for mobile devices as well as leverage the most up-to-date extensions and modules for e-commerce and content management support.

The easy-to-maintain website includes rich, yet lean, imagery that can be viewed in traffic directing slideshow animations, and the site pulls in images from Fishermen's Alliance's own Facebook photo albums in a slideshow gallery format (check out the Hookers Ball page).