Sports, Concert and Tradeshow Venue Uses Joomla CMS to Keep at Capacity

Riley Rink

Riley Rink at Hunter Park in Manchester boasts the largest indoor sports, tradeshow and concert facility in southern Vermont.

The Problem

Keeping Riley's Rink, a 35,000 square foot, multi-purpose indoor facility at capacity throughout every season is a must. Riley's needed an easy-to-maintain website to ensure that patrons could look-up schedules, book the facility for events, and quickly navigate to exactly what they needed to know was essential. As for the staff, there are several people who regularly update the site for just those reasons.

The Solution

A permissions-based, custom Joomla website was devised that would allow staff with varying levels of responsibility update and maintain the website. And the newly organized site with a clean interface not only helps to improve the user experience, but improves upon the overall brand takeaway. Visitors are now presented with easy-to-find information that is accurate and up-to-date all year round.

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